We will be holding our first Solid Rock class meeting this Saturday at 2pm for those that can attend. My plans are to alternate days of the week during each month to enable everyone to have the chance to at least attend 1 session a month. You may, however, attend as frequently as you are able. At this time I am looking at the following days and times:

20 Feb, Saturday 2-4pm
22 Feb, Monday 1-3pm
25 Feb, Thursday 6-8pm
29 Feb, Monday 1-3pm01 Mar, Tuesday 6-8pm
05 Mar, Saturday 2-4pm

It’s important that you attend at least one “session” a month, though you may attend as many sessions as you are able.

Each session will provide you the opportunity to research under my guidance. The first session will involve us mapping out some goals that you want to accomplish in your overall research, and then some specific goals that we will work on this Life Group quarter. I’ll then familiarize you with the free tools available to use in the Genealogy Room as well as how to gain access to their computers. If you have your own laptop then I highly suggest you bring that with you. Computer access is available in 3 hour blocks on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately I cannot reserve them ahead of time. It is not necessary for you to use a computer… you can do your entire tree the old fashion way using paper and pen… 🙂

I have secured an 8 person research room for our usage (the largest they have) where I can meet with each one of you and help get you started….

For those of you just beginning your research I will have some forms for you to fill out BEFORE you show up for your first meeting… they will be emailed to you later this evening.

For those of you already currently researching your family tree, please bring with you information on the area of research you wish to tackle.

Please RSVP if you are going to attend this Saturday!!! Knowing how many, and who is coming in advance is important so that I can better assist each one of you!


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